Customer FavoriteFINE LINE EYE PENCILTwist Up Tip

A super-fine pencil with a fresh twist. The twist-up tip of our Fine Line Eye Pencil thickens the appearance of lashes by allowing you to gently but precisely accent your lash line. And it blends smoothly and easily for a softer, sexier look with just a hint of drama.


beauty tips

Victoria Jackson Powder Tips

how to

  • Gives various effects to eye upon application. A thin line at lashes thickens their appearance, while a thicker line adds sultry allure
  • Hold outside corner of eye with fingertip when applying and blend line with wedged-sponge, angled brush or cotton swab to soften
  • Begin lining lash line from outer corner, moving inward to where lashes end near your nose. Connect inner corner of eye to lash line by drawing on inside edge of skin

color advice

  • Available in Black and Brown
  • Use brown for a soft, natural look
  • Use black for definition that you can apply in the morning and use into the night
  • Use brown for a softer, more natural eye