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our mission

When you look better, you feel better.
And when you feel better, you can change your life.

This spirit is behind everything we do and create here at Victoria Jackson Cosmetics. There’s a purpose behind our products, and there has been for 30 years. It’s about helping women achieve inner confidence through outer beauty. The great thing is, we’ve learned that it doesn’t take much.

A dot of foundation here, a subtle pencil stroke there, the light dusting of blush. And you’re ready. Ready for the day. For life. For anything.

This is not a mask. This is make up. And at Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, we believe it’s all about letting your natural beauty shine through.

We’ll always be developing more ways to look good and feel good about yourself. To innovate new products and methods that make looking your best simpler and more convenient than ever.

That’s our commitment to you. It always will be. And that’s the Victoria Jackson Difference.

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victoria's story

"When women embrace self-confidence, they learn the key to success, and liking who they are in the mirror is a powerful first step in that transformative process."

Entrepreneur, infomercial pioneer, best-selling author and philanthropist. Victoria Jackson has shown millions of women how to achieve inner confidence by enhancing their own natural beauty.

Starting off as a makeup artist on the sets of Hollywood television shows and films, Victoria has grown her eponymous cosmetics line to achieve sales in excess of a billion dollars and a loyal following of over two million customers worldwide.

Victoria’s best-selling books: Redefining Beauty: Discovering Your Individual Beauty, Enhancing Your Self-Esteem and Make Up Your Life: Every Woman’s Guide to the Power of Makeup have touched thousands of women with insights that go far beyond foundation. Saving Each Other was published in 2012. Written by Victoria and her daughter Ali, it’s a frank, personal account of a mother and daughter’s journey with Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO).

In 2008, after her daughter Ali was diagnosed NMO, Ms. Jackson founded the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation with her husband and infomercial giant Bill Guthy.

Her intent was to connect preeminent neurologists and scientists in an unprecedented paradigm to cure this rare disease.

As a result of her foundation’s work, NMO is being recognized as a gateway disease with a potential to help reshape research and discovery for pathologies in other autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus.  Victoria’s work to set NMO on a new path for translational research is evidenced by multiple NMO research projects recently awarded by the National Institutes of Health.

Her hard work doesn’t stop there. Over the years, Victoria has volunteered hundreds of hours at women’s correctional facilities, hospitals and youth support venues, teaching inner confidence through outer beauty. 

Victoria Jackson is a proud mom of three children. She and husband Bill make their primary residence in Los Angeles.